Wahyu and Sovian

June 15, 2021
Sovian’s Dream ✨

One day we had a class in the morning and gave an assignment to write on paper about the dreams they wanted to achieve in the future, also their past or anything that they want to write and share. Today we will share the letter Sovian wrote:
“A few years back, I was a bad boy, I had many friends who were uneducated and can’t control their emotions. But now I am a person who is diligent in living life, working hard, doing well, and even able to make others smile. I am able to make my parents proud by earning my own money for the future.
My hope in 2021 is that I can learn more about the world of work and draw closer to God. I am grateful that God has given me health until now. I want to save more to buy a motorbike, a house and give money to buy food for my parents.”
This month is Sovian’s last month in a transition home. He is ready to become more independent and face the world of work, blending in with the general public.
Wahyu’s Dream ✨
Another story after our boy Sovian’s story. Now is Wahyu’s turn to tell us all about his dreams and hopes. Wahyu wrote what he felt in his heart, the same as Sovian. Here is what Wahyu has to say:
“Hopefully I can be better than before, maybe I have to learn more to be able to change my future. Maybe I was a naughty person who always hurt and disappointed my parents. If I pray and try in the future I can change and be a good person who can make parents proud and make everyone proud.
My hope in 2021, is to continue to work hard until my hopes are realized, and to achieve success and a better standard of living.”
Let’s support Wahyu and Sovian together to help them to get a better future. You can help by praying for them, and if you want to participate in the form of donations, please contact us now.

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