Providing the second chance that we all deserve.

From the imprisoned, to the impoverished. At Free and Safe we fight for the people who need it most. We give them what they need to bring them where they want to be.

And we need your help. 



Seeing how Deden running on the soccer field is one of the things that makes us so happy and proud. keep chasing your dreams, Deden. We always support you

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Live, Love, Crochet

Live, Love, Crochet

There are many reasons to learn how to crochet, but one of the things driving a lot of new people to the craft is the fact that it offers a number of health benefits. The tactile pleasure of the yarn, the rhythmic nature of the crochet stitches, the combination of...

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Cooking Class at Cikondang

Cooking Class at Cikondang

Last Sunday, we did a cooking training class in Cikondang village, Kota Baru Parahyangan. This village is a place for fishing attraction in the lake near it. The village head opened his house to hold the cooking class. The purpose is to help the residents learn how to...

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Transforming youth and women at risk, to become self-sufficient and moral citizens.

To provide a safe home for at-risk-youth and women, to experience love, hope, and freedom while empowering them with education and life skills for a better future.

Getting back on their feet

Transition Home

After their release from prison these children need a place to go. Our Transition House is that place. It’s where they are safe, have a structured life and get a chance to get back on their feet.

No idle hands here

Training & Jobs

Everyone longs for a fulfilling life and work is a big part of that. We help our kids get a job so they’re of the streets and hard at work at coffeeshops or in hotels.

One step beyond


A second chance at a better life wouldn’t be completed with a possibility for better education. We start with teaching them English, but desire to give them so much more.

Support our work by making a donation. Every bit helps.

Everything you give is a pleasure to receive

Give with a loving heart and see how your help reaches people and changes their hearts.
You are standing at the beginning of something amazing and with your donations, it can become greater still. We have the desire to branch out our life-changing work to cities across Indonesia.

Current Program

Right now, we are operational in Bandung, Indonesia, a city of 2,5 million people.

Here we run a Transition Home with a four-person team, including many volunteers. 

Donate to keep this program running.

Growing bigger

The Free and Safe model is a wonderful way to reach the underserved in Indonesia.

We are based in Bandung, but want to grow to places like Medan, Jogjakarta and Bali. In this way we can help more people. 


Age: 17
Hobbies: Futsal, running, and chess.

As an orphan Yoyo grew up with 70 brothers and sisters, and boy, how he loves the liveliness of a full home! It’s Yoyo’s desire to grow up to become an inspirational leader, working to help kids like him and show them there’s a great life ahead of each and every one of them.
* We’ve changed the names and pictures for privacy reasons.

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