Providing the second chance that we all deserve.

From the imprisoned, to the impoverished. At Free and Safe we fight for the people who need it most. We give them what they need to bring them where they want to be.

And we need your help. 


Graduation! (Fikri, Deden, Grace)

Graduation! (Fikri, Deden, Grace)

The school year is over and this year several kids from our program have graduated 🥳 1. Fikri from The Boys program graduated from high school (SMK Puragabaya Bandung) 🎉2. Deden from The Boys graduated from junior high school (SMPN 74 Bandung) 🎉3. Grace from Kids...

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Futsal Tournament – FSI Bali

Futsal Tournament – FSI Bali

What a good game! Last week, FSI Bali had the opportunity to make an annual futsal tournament to celebrate National Children's Day. The tournament was held by FSI Bali, Putra Pemenang Bali, and Brave Bali. In total there were 8 teams that participated, 2 of them are...

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50 Sembako to support Bandung City Social Service

50 Sembako to support Bandung City Social Service

Last week we are involved to support Bandung City Social Service by donating 50 Sembako for nursing home, containing staple food items such as rice, cooking oil, granulated sugar, instant noodles, tea bags, and instant coffee. We hope that the people who receive these...

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Transforming youth and

women at risk, to become

self-sufficient and

moral citizens.

To provide a safe home for

at-risk-youth and women,

to experience love, hope, and freedom while empowering them with education and

life skills for a better future.

Transition Home Program

Coming from prison or from broken homes, our students need a place to go. Our Transition Home is that place. It’s where they are safe, has a structured life, and get a chance to get back on their feet.


Business for Transformation

Create jobs and provide dignified work for poor or marginalized communities. Giving priority to boys and women who are coming outside the prisons that FSI has programs running. Profitably introduce essential goods or services into an impoverished community. 

Women’s Program

Free and Safe Women is for everyone! We have a strong desire to empower women to feel safe, to share, to grow, and make the changes we know they can. We want to help guide them on this journey as they navigate through this challenging time.


Kids’ Program

A second chance at a better life wouldn’t be completed with a possibility for better education. We start with teaching them English, but desire to give them so much more.

Support our work

by making a donation.

Every bit helps.

Everything you give is a pleasure to receive

Give with a loving heart and see how your help reaches people and changes their hearts.
You are standing at the beginning of something amazing and with your donations, it can become greater still. We have the desire to branch out our life-changing work to cities across Indonesia.

Current Program

Currently, our foundation is operating in Bandung, Indonesia, a city with a population of 2.5 million people and has just started operating in Bali, Indonesia.

In Bandung we run the Transition House with a team of 8 people, including many volunteers.

Donate to keep this program running.

Growing bigger

The Free and Safe model is a great way to reach the underserved in Indonesia.

We are based in Bandung, and are currently developing programs in Bali but would like to continue expanding to other places such as Medan and Jogjakarta. That way we can help more people.

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