With the theme of “Stop Human Trafficking” we broke the record for the longest marathon playing futsal with a duration of 60 hours which took place on 26-29 April 2024 at Gymnasium UPI.

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About Us

We’re here to help.

Free and Safe was founded in 2018 by Jorge and Caron Marquez after they found a need for a foundation that addressed Indonesia’s problems to sufficiently help young ex-offenders after they left the oppressive atmosphere of prison behind. 

But you can let a kid leave the prison, but he or she will not leave prison behind as easily. After sentences that range from some months to 10 years, they return to a changed society that looks at them with the back of their necks. Jorge and Caron decided to do something about it.

Since 2018 they have been building a safe and encouraging environment in Bandung and since that time dream of building this foundation into a countrywide staple of social justice. Because they believe that helping the people who need it is everyone’s business.

What’s important to us

In short, there’s nothing as important to us than loving all people. However, because there’s a big difference between the amount of love people receive as you move on down the social ladder, we have decided to focus ourselves on people who are normally ignored.

Right now, in the world, there’s a lot of focus on clean water, education in third world countries, and climate change. All immensely important issues and that means they get a lot of attention. But there’s nothing buzzing about ex-prisoners in a 2,5 million people town like Bandung. That doesn’t mean all is well.

We feel for everyone whose path in life took them to prison because we feel confident in saying not many people want to end up like that. Let us help them never return.

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Free and Safe

We’re a charity based in Indonesia focused on helping at-risk youth.




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