With the theme of “Stop Human Trafficking” we broke the record for the longest marathon playing futsal with a duration of 60 hours which took place on 26-29 April 2024 at Gymnasium UPI.

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Donate to Free and Safe if you want to help us give a second chance to people in need.

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We need your (monthly) support to keep our foundation up and running, so we can help people in need.

Donate Material

From food to futons, we need it all. We’re trying to make a house into a home, where our students have a better life.

Donate Your Time

Do you want to come volunteer with us either short or long-term? That’s great, please get in touch!

Financial Donation

Below you can register your one-time donation to our foundation. However, if you feel you want to bless us monthly please check the box and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

How To Donate

Account No  : 2330808678
Bank              : PT. BANK CENTRAL ASIA TBK

Account No.            :  563800002526
Address                   :  JL. SUKAMULYA INDAH NO 4-9 SUKAGALIH,
                                    BANDUNG, WEST JAVA, INDONESIA 40163
Beneficiary Bank    : PT BANK OCBC NISP TBK
Address of Bank     : JL. PROF. DR. SATRIO KAV. 25, JAKARTA SELATAN
Country                   : INDONESIA
SWIFT Code            : NISPIDJA

Donate Material

We have a lot of needs, and maybe you want to fulfill some of those. Below you can find a list of the things we want for the Free and Safe Transition Home. If you want to donate, please get in touch!


Pretty self-explanatory — we can not exist without food. We like food lasts a long time, like a bag of rice.


You know, one of those drums you can sit on. Our boys are very musical, and we love to give them the tools to express themselves.


Every boy wants to go places, not just with their life…sometimes just with a bicycle. 


We live together, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want a little privacy now and then!

You and Your Friends Can Come Help Us

The more, the merrier. And the more we can do. We are always looking for talented, hard-working people who feel they want to help bring joy and profound change to the lives of others.

How Donations Are Used

We want, and need, to be as transparent as possible. That’s why we would like to take some time to show you what we do with our money, and answer your questions.

Everything for others.

  • Free and Safe Indonesia Foundation is a registered non-profit in the Republic of Indonesia. We are officially recognized as a social charity, aimed at helping others.
  • We are obliged to publish our yearly financial reports to the Indonesian government, where you can see them.
  • At Free and Safe we spend all of our funds to help other people.


Can I tell you how I want my donation to be used?

By all means! We would love for nothing better than that you get involved and tell us how you would love for us to put your donation to good use.

Are you a registered non-profit?

We are registered as a non-profit in Indonesia. That does mean that you can’t get a tax refund for your donation if you don’t do your taxes in Indonesia. Sorry!

How do I know my money is being put to good use?

We would love to show you our numbers and what we use our funding on. We want you to feel happy, knowing your donation is being put to good use.

What happens with overflow?

If we have more money coming in then we have coming out we will never, ever take something of that for our personal gain, but just find another use for your donation. Everything is to help others.

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