Meet our boys

We would love to tell you all the amazing stories of our participants and bring you with them on their journey, however, we want them to have a sense of privacy, so we won’t. Instead, let us give you an idea at the kind of boys that live in the Free and Safe Transition Home.
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Meet Agus

He’s fictional, with real challenges!

Agus is 21 years old and was born in Cianjur, Indonesia. A energetic kid, he loves Futsal and hanging out with his friends. However, sometimes a group of friends get into trouble, and it’s hard to get out. 

In Indonesia one struggle society has, is school fights, where two rivaling groups of school kids fight it out in big brawls. Although it’s born from harmless youthful bravado (‘I’m the strongest!’) it can have real-world consequences, even leading to death.

Agus was involved in a school fight like this, where a boy of the other group died, and was arrested and charged with murder. The result: a three year sentence in prison, even though Agus himself wasn’t anywhere near the boy who passed away at the fight.

These are the kinds of situations that get Indonesian kids in prison and it marks them for life.

During his time in prison Agus meets Coach Jorge, who comes to train the boys every week and bonds with him. Nearing the end of his sentence, Agus starts to become anxious to go back home, because he fears retaliation and shame.

So, he asks Coach Jorge if he can come to the Free and Safe Transition Home. There he will resume his education, learn new skills and how to fend for himself by learning how to cook, clean, and everything needed to run his own household.