March 26, 2021
Here it is !! This is the day ✨
New women’s program!

After all this time we had a program in prison we found that the thing that was most needed to empower them are friends! Yes, they need friends. Friends who are there for them, pray with them, play volleyball, futsal, and help them learn new things. We are there for them to provide opportunities.

For all of us, as women, to support them with the SharEmotion 📔 The #BuyoneGIVEone program is where you can buy Free and Safe journals + the same bonus journal books for female friends who are in need of emotional support.

This journal book is a private place for them to write their feelings, in their weeping and their rejoicing. Anything and everything they want to write. Help them to pour their hearts out. This way we can also know more about them, and how we can help them more.

We can connect with them more deeply as a friend. One woman in the jail or prison will write one journal book and one friend who buy the journal book will have a relationship and support each other.

Step 1: Buy one GIVE one, contact +62 851-5780-4401 to get involved
Step 2: Become their friend
Step 3: Keep in touch with each other

The “friends” that you will GIVE will join the journaling book program for them to be able to SharEmotion, you can see this news through the WhatsApp group that will be provided🌼🥰

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By Olive Wong

Olive is the Free and Safe Indonesia media team. She work hard to keep you in the loop about everything that's happening with our organization.

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