Congrats Rikzar

February 03, 2021

Congratulations Rikzar! We are very proud of you!

After losing both of his parents, Rikzar was forced to become an independent person. Rikzar lost his mother to cancer in 2015, and lost his father in 2016 because of a stroke. Rikzar’s parents had a dream for Rikzar to become a successful person. He is in the process of realizing the dream that his parents had for him.

Rikzar has been awarded the best goalkeeper in the Fossbolindo Junior League. In addition to being the best goalkeeper, Rikzar’s team finished the Champion. After winning 1st place, Rikzar’s team went on to the National FJL and won 2nd place in the Nation! Rikzar’s hard work has resulted in his success. He trains 5 times a week, on the field, in the gym, watches video programs from coach Jorge, and extra training with his friends.

Rikzar has a dream to become an international football player and has the opportunity to go to America to spread his wings, gain opportunities, experience, and skills in football.

Apart from having a strong passion for football, Rikzar is very dedicated to learning English. He has not let anything stop him from going after his dreams. We are so proud of him for this achievement. Great job Rikzar! Keep fighting the good fight!

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