Welcome Home, Rizky

July 26, 2021

Welcome home, Rizky, our new boy at the transition house!
So blessed and happy to have Rizky in our transition house, just as he joined us last week.

Rizky is one of our children who is studying in our teenagers class and decided to live in a transition house because he wants to lighten the burden on his parents and wants to go to school well. Previously, Rizky lived with his parents in a house occupied by 4 families (about 20 people in one house with only 4-5 rooms).

Because too many people live there, Rizky has had problems when he sleeps, goes to online school, and does his daily activities.

His parents are very supportive of his decision to stay at the foundation. Because of the current financial difficulties they see that living in a transitional house will make Rizky focus on studying and get a lot of positive new things to learn.

We welcome Rizky with a zoom meeting due to the current covid situation. We played games together, chatted with Rizky and also prayed for Rizky so he could stay calm and happy in the transition house.


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