Happy Graduation, Boys!

May 04, 2021
It was a sad but proud for this Saturday night. Three of our boys in the transition house; Jayadi, Riski, and Sovian graduated from the transition house of Free and Safe Indonesia foundation.
They have accomplished their stay in the transition house doing a really good and amazing job. We invited their main families; parents and siblings to join us for the most meaningful farewell night ever.
We had fun, played some games, chatted and had a nice dinner together perfect for buka puasa (finish their fasting for the day)
We laughed, and cried-a bit because of seeing how our boys have been growing and eventually can go back to their family to help them, and continue their studies at university.
We will always pray and will be here for our boys no matter how far or even if we don’t see them everyday or again. Thank you boys for being a part of the Free and Safe Indonesia family, and keep the spirit to become better every single day! We love you and miss you already.

Congratulations, boys!


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