Fikri, Our New Boy

February 03, 2022

We want to introduce our newest boy in the transition home. He is 16 years old boy name Muhammad Fikri Najib. We call him Fikri. He likes football a lot, just like our other boys.

Before living in Bandung, he lived with his grandmother and aunt. Fikri’s mother died when Fikri was serving his time in prison and his family decided to don’t tell him until he got release from prison. Can you imagine the shock to know your mom died and nobody told you? His father lived in a different city and never took responsibility of Fikri.

When we saw Fikri’s diligence in training in prison and being very polite to everyone around him, we saw Fikri’s desire to change. So we invited him to join our transition home after he got freed. So far, he has learned quite a lot in the transition home with us and just started to become a motorbike mechanic in his High school.

“When I’m at LPKA, I always participate in training with coach Beto and Coach Jorge. Playing football makes me feel excited and able to get through my tough days at the prison in LPKA. While playing football, I started to get closer to coach Beto and coach Jorge. I feel so happy and blessed to be living in the transition home and get a second change in life.”

A new school, new friends, a new place to live, a new environment, all of these factors made Fikri a more independent and responsible person, especially for his current high school studies. Fikri’s current preoccupation is attending school, classes in the transition house, also participating in soccer practice with coach Jorge and coach Beto.

Keep trying until the insults turns into a compliment” is a sentence that strengthens Fikri to this day. We support you and love you, Fikri!

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