Empowering Women

July 07, 2021

During the current pandemic in the city of Bandung, we are trying to empower the community. We found Ibu Sari, one of the mothers who lives near our foundation and needed help. 


Ibu Sari has typhoid and has not been able to work for months because she’s sick, she just lies in her house. “I just want to be healthy and be able to work again, so that I can help my husband who is not working now because of the covid pandemic. Meanwhile, we have to keep our children going to school, pay the school fees, have enough to eat and pay the rent,” said Ibu Sari in a very low voice because her condition is still weak.


Ibu Sari’s husband used to work as an online motorcycle taxi driver in Bandung, but because of the lack of customers, he decided to sell his vehicle to pay for the family’s daily needs. However, Ibu Sari, who is currently sick and has no income, makes it difficult for them to seek treatment.


Last month we visited Sari’s mother’s house and gave them medicine and basic necessities to meet their food needs. Last Sunday we gave out more basic necessities and Ibu Sari’s husband said that he was looking for a job as a driver or security anywhere possible.


If you want to help or have jobs information for Ibu Sari’s husband, please contact us now.




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