New Boy, Feri!

August 27, 2021

MORE GOOD NEWS! Please welcome, Feriansyah! He is our new boy now living in the FSI transition home.

Feri is one of the boys from the football team that coach Jorge coached last 5 years. Feri was living in Bandung with her aunt and grandmother. He is a very talented boy and always willing to learn.
Going to college is one of his dreams and is so excited got work hard to achieve it.

After passing several interviews with FSI and Maranatha University, which is one of the best campuses in Bandung, Feri finally was accepted and he will start his first semester this coming month.

He decided to choose major in English literature because it is significant for his future and he likes learning English. Also, Feri dreams Being an international soccer player overseas.

In addition to preparing for college this year, he also works part time as food delivery courier of Shopee Food in the Bandung city area.

Feri is a very diligent and hardworking child. “Use your youth to the best of your ability.” This is Feri’s principle of life that guides his life today.

Keep on spirit, Feri! We believe you can!

By Olive Wong

Olive is the Free and Safe Indonesia media team. She work hard to keep you in the loop about everything that's happening with our organization.

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