Karang Asem, Bali

June 25, 2021

Today we have an exciting news coming from Bali!
Two days ago, one of our staff visited the juvenile prison in Karang Asem Bali. In Karang Asem juvenile prison there are about 20 teenagers who are imprisoned. The FSI staff together with Brave Bali were very well welcomed upon arrival at the prison. Together a positive sharing was given for the future of each boy there, saying that they have the second chance that they deserve.

The purpose of three message they do not give up in this life at their young age, and that each mistake made does not reflect our true identity. They listened to the sharing well and so did the guards at the juvenile prison. Before sharing, the boys played futsal together with the staff helping to coach. They Coached them with some basic techniques in playing futsal, and the boys really enjoyed and they were enthusiastic when playing futsal. They said they were very happy because now some people were training them to play futsal and hoped to be able to play futsal together again.

We are very grateful for the excellent response from each of the guards at Juvenile Prison at Karang Asem that welcome us very nicely. Thank you so much LPKA Karang Asem  and thank you Brave Bali for helping us to help them even more.

By Olive Wong

Olive is the Free and Safe Indonesia media team. She work hard to keep you in the loop about everything that's happening with our organization.

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