Giving Sembako

September 06, 2021

There is always a way to share love with others, because everyone is precious and important. A little story when we shared groceries (sembako) that we did last week.

We met one of the women named Mrs. Mashita. She is a strong woman. But less than a year later she developed colon cancer (kanker usus). Due to economic factors, Mashita couldn’t get her condition checked. Today she lives with her brother because her husband is working outside the island.

It is not an easy thing. But she has faith, remains enthusiastic, and surrenders to God for the conditions she is currently experiencing. We couldn’t talk for too long because Mashita had to rest because her body was still weak. One of our volunteers has also had cancer and she can share her experiences and strengthen each other through prayer.

Let’s help and pray for Mashita. Your support means a lot for Mashita recovery. Together we can help better. Due to privacy concerns, we didn’t take a picture of her. The first picture in this post is our staff and the second picture is one of the women that we gave sembako.

By Olive Wong

Olive is the Free and Safe Indonesia media team. She work hard to keep you in the loop about everything that's happening with our organization.

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